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Wally Deane 1950's Rock

Elvis of Miami Beach

"What a buzz from the past!!! It was 1955 at the Shoremeade Hotel and Wally Deane was on fire!! Wally was the Elvis of Miami Beach. We danced and partied every night, it was great!! Awesome memories!"

Murf The Surf

A Star In The Making

Wallace Van Riper "Wally" Deane still a teen when brought from Bivens, Texas to Globe Records by Tex Dean, cut three very fine rockabilly performances with accompaniment that included hot finger picking a la Scotty Moore, whose guitar had done much to enliven the debut releases of a Sam Phillips discovery named Elvis Presley. Presley's initial success had not gone unnoticed by Lillian McMurray (trumpet Records-Globe Records) nor by Wally Deane.

Rockabilly Wally Deane Plays Guitar

"Wally's hiccupy, excited singing showed he was firmly aboard the same hay wagon that Presley, Buddy Holly, and Carl Perkins were riding towards stardom."

Trumpet Records
Diamonds on Farish Street

Mark W. Ryan Rolling Stone, Discoveries, and Blues and Rhythm.

Wally Deane

Wally Deane In Loving Memory

Hey, thanks for checking out our site!.. Glad you could make it. Yup, Dad (Wally Deane) sang his last tune on April 05, 1986. I sure do miss him and wish he were here to tell him that I love him just one more time. A kind hearted, smart, easy going and truly talented artist and musician. He will be missed by all.


You know, music of the 50's was one of the most influential periods in music history. A happy go lucky time! Great music and great memories! I dedicate this site to my father, and the music of the 50's, for which he had the great privilege to be a part of. The road to stardom is not always easy! This site was created and is maintained by his sons. As you browse this site and can think of anything you may be able to share, even the simplest thing, please feel free to do so. This site is what it is because of fans and friends like all of you. We thank you for being a great part in preserving Wally's music and his memory. Check out our MySpace website yet? MySpace.com has really made the world of music alot smaller. Thanks Tom

The Deane Boys Monty (Webmaster & Musician)
Wally Jr. - John - Donald

Rockabilly Wally Deane

Wally Deane Hall of Fame

Wally Deane was officially inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Oct. of 2006. Inductee #298 places Wally with greats like Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent,Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee lewis, Jonny Cash, Sam Phillips, Scotty Moore and so many more. Wally will be remembered for his un-forgettable style and singing qualities. Not to mention his lady killing ways.


Light melodies, sweet lyrics, wholesome singers. Innocent and inoffensive songs. All of this can be said about the music of the Early Fifties. Yet, all that white American complacency could not hold back the vitality of Black R&B music, so a whole new sound emerged - Rock and Roll. Most of the songs of the Early Fifties were "feel-good" tunes, which genuinely reflected the mood of post World War II America. Artists like Pat Boone, Rosemary Clooney and Perry Como dominated pop charts. This bored the newly independent life form known as teenagers. Mom and Dad's music wasn't, you know, "cool, Daddy-O."

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Wally Deane
Trumpet Records

Wally Deane Trumpet Record

309 N. Ferish Street
Jackson Miss.

Wally Deane Trumpet Records

Lillian McMurry

RRecord Mart (Trumpet Record Company and Diamond Recording Studio), 309 N. Farish Street. Lillian Shedd McMurry passed away on March 18, 1999 after suffering a heart attack. Looking at a picture of her you would most likely guess her to be someone’s grandmother and certainly not the pioneering woman she really was. McMurry was the owner and founder of Trumpet - Globe Records, the Mississippi based labels that recorded important records by Sonny Boy Williamson, Elmore James, Big Joe Williams, Jerry McCain, Willie Love, Wally Deane and many others. McMurray was an integral part in meshing two musical styles into what would be known as rockabilly. Soon known as "Rock and Roll" McMurry’s place in history came about by chance. Her husband bought a hardware store in the black section of Jackson and she was asked to supervise the store’s inventory. She stumbled upon some “race records” which she began to listen to and then decided to sell them. The records sold well and she acquired more and began selling them on a full time basis. The hardware store was converted into a record store/furniture store called Record Mart-Furniture Bargains. It wasn’t long before Lillian got the idea to record her own records using the local talent which was plentiful. Soon Trumpet Records was born as one of the most influential recording studios in history.

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Wally Deane Rockabilly